[image of aerial taken from outside on the street]

(updated: saturday  12th september 2020)

aerial is an artist-run space with a focus on socially engaged art practices.

aerial was set up in february 2020 by four artists william kudahl, gentian meikleham, laurie lax and stacy brafield and is currently run by gentian meikleham, laurie lax and stacy brafield. together, their interests orbit around care, conversation, food, pedagogy, production and publishing. aerial invites you to pop by to have a chat.

collectively we have worked as proof readers, curatorial assistants, ice cream scoopers, ad-hoc designers, bar staff workers, house managers, call centre advisors, research assistants, carers, front of house staff workers, producers, cigarettes and lottery ticket vendors, grocery store workers, hair washers, kitchen managers, traffic controllers, board leaders, cloak room assistants, event promoters, night porters, communication workers, independent publishers, project managers, field recordists, curators, volunteer coordinators, educators, furniture restorers, board nominee committee members, sandwich makers, retail assistants…

c. sundts gate 38
bergen 5004


phone (laurie):
nine two three one zero nine one zero

mailing list: https://forms.gle/FtShVtWKBQ4rmQRB7

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aerial.bergen/

patreon: https://www.patreon.com/aerialbergen