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call for members!



Do you have a burning desire to sing in a community with other shy voices?

Do you have some singing skills you would like to share in a community setting?

Would you like to be part of a community that sings together?

aerial are hosting SHY CHOIR? and we are looking for members!

We are looking to create a dynamic group of people to sing together. Maybe you
have an awesome lemonade recipe that can lubricate everyone's throats? Or maybe
you have some skills in composition you would like to share? Or maybe you are
really shy at singing out loud, outside of the shower and want to challenge yourself? 
We want the SHY CHOIR? to be an empowering space, where we can be vocal,
support one another and blossom.

This choir community will be entirely autonomously run, there will be no leader,
the idea is to figure out how to build compositions together and sing them collectively.

If this sounds fun/scary/exciting/emboldening then get in touch!

Send us a few lines by February 16th, explaining why you’re interested to join: