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aerial norskkurs

we are starting a small language school at aerial and we are looking for 1 more person to join our 6-person class alongside kaeto and laurie.

the course will be taught by david haavik, suitable for anyone who wishes to learn norwegian from the basics up. the content will be customized for an arts and culture context. david is a creative person himself, having developed a language learning software with a machine instructor called max. max will be available for free to aerial norskkurs participants as a supplement to the in-person course at aerial. 

to sign up, email
aerialbergen [ at] gmail [dot] com
(before 10.01.2022)

course dates / times
13 sessions every wednesday 18:00 - 20:00
12th january – 6th april 2022
12.01, 19.01, 26.01, 02.02, 09.02, 16.02, 23.02, 02.03, 09.03, 16.03, 23.03, 30.03, 06.04.
(note: no winter holiday break)

physical presence at aerial is preferable but participants may have the possibility to join online if they cannot be physically present.

lessons will be moved completely online in the event of tightened pandemic restrictions.

if more than 4 people want to sign up, david will consider teaching another group of 6 online.

250 NOK per session x 12 plus 1 free session = 3000 NOK
to be paid in advance before the first lesson 12.01.2022

if participants have to skip a session, they will not be refunded

the book 'Norsk på 1-2-3' will be used throughout the course which is 565 NOK from norli: https://www.norli.no/norsk-pa-1-2-3-1
or free to download as a PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W67I8rTOSCOlTAA1O81V4lpE8DmT0fUK/view

about david haavik
> background in norwegian and foreign languages
> 5 years of experience (2014-2019) as a norwegian language instructor at folkeuniversitetet vestlandet (levels A1-B2). three of the courses (levels A1-A2) to russian speakers using russian as a supportive language.
> currently working at the language school lingu (2020-) as a norwegian language teacher (levels A1-C1) and product developer.
> developed education software (chapter quizzes) for the courses «Introduction to molecular biology» (MOL100) and «molecular physical chemistry» (KJEM140) for the university of bergen (2019-2020).
> more info about david haavik and his language learning software max: