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[image of a screenshot of seven peoples faces on a screen with a plant each]

vergel in the cloud
thursday 17.+ friday 18. november 2022

the two day workshop is free but has limited capacity. to sign up, please write to aerialbergen@gmail.com with the subject “garden”

vergel in the Cloud garage school is a new methodology project developed by laagencia that will be activated by mariana murcia at aerial. the workshop situates a group of people in a common ground and invites them to cultivate a diasporic garden where connections arise through the migration of histories, both human and non-human. 

the workshop invites us to look closer and more intimately to what surrounds our everyday life, plants that we nurture and nurture us back. we will walk in the autumn gardens and flora and find new connections and stories to the welcoming environment and kitchen at aerial.

the garage school debuted in botota, colombia in 2013, where laagencia began and we are very excited to host their project at aerial in bergen!

laagencia is an art collective that works with research and processes in art + education. over the recent years they have been working with the idea of a ´garage school´, and its informal nature. escuela de garage (garage school) is a free and open program that changes in subject and structure with each iteration. the form and temporality of each escuela de garage is dictated by the subject that it explores and the context in which it takes place. the overall research goal of escuela de garage is to continually and collectively unlearn. right now the school aims to cultivate and sustain a "diasporic garden," where relationships grow out of migration histories of human and non-human organisms. laagencia is made up of five artists, without any type of hierarchy, they are all directors, producers and participants.

vergel in a cloud is a part of the project `a toolbox on how to create communities in times of uncertainty´, curated and facilitated by daniela ramos arias and aisel wicab. between 15-18 november 2022, the toolbox will be activated in bergen. the full programme is announced on hordaland kunstsenter. pencil the dates down in your diaries and see you in november! 

[graphic design for the toolbox project on how to create communities in times of uncertainty]