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[two people dancing with a decorative background]

koppen & jorkjen
22.-28. april 2021 

between 22.-28. april 2021, the artist duo koppen & jorkjen have been doing a zero pressure residency at aerial.

koppen & jorkjen are a norwegian performance duo making ritualistic performances and radio plays that become a part of their own, ever growing mythology. over the past days they have been working at aerial with zero pressure, they have been talking, dancing, writing, lip synching, eating, all with zero pressure.

the result of the zero pressure table residency was an invitation to eat warm soup together on tuesday 27. april at 18:00, around the table at aerial and to clunk a beer together. koppen & jorkjen presented a work in progress and warmly welcomed feedback.

there was six places at the table, this was to give everyone a comfortable amount of space around their bodies and confined to the covid-19 measurements. the work in progess continued its life to a prøverommet in bergen and to rosendal teater in trondheim.

for more information about the duo, visit their website: https://koppenjorkjen.com/